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  "with over 30 years of installation experience  we can install flooring productsthat  you have purchased online orelsewhere and I can assure you that your flooring will  be installed correctly by experienced craftsman." 

              Red Hot Floor Installations

  We have been doing business in Santa Cruz County and our surrounding areas since 1992 and look forward to doing business with you. Your flooring will be installed correctly to the material specifications that will maintain the product warranties.

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        Custom Made Area Rugs

 We can help you design, shape and bind any carpet that you have purchased into a one of a kind area rug to fit the shape of any room in your home.


                 Cork Flooring

 This cork tree is being harvested for wine corks and cork flooringwithout cutting it down. The bark is removed about every 9 years and the trees last for 150 to 200 years. The wine bottle stoppers are punched from the harvested cork oak bark and cork flooring is constructed from the remaining materials.

       Marmoleum Click Flooring
 Marmoleum flooring is manufactured from renewable resources: Linseed oil (which comes from pressed flax seeds), pine-tree rosin, wood flour, natural mineral based pigments (not containing heavy metals such as lead or cadmium), ground-up limestone, woven jute backing and an attached cork underlayment backing.

      Forest Stewardship Council

  By creating demand for products from responsibly managed forest, FSC is helping protect forest for future generations. In fact, today, more than 40,000 American family forest owners are FSC certified. When we purchase hardwood flooring products with the FSC logo, we are saying to the landowners,"Thank you for taking care or your forest".

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